Administrator’s Corner: Taking pride in taking care of the Earth

Published 8:00 pm Friday, April 23, 2021

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Administrator’s Corner by John Mahal

For students at Hawthorne Elementary, Earth Day is an exciting day for our students to get outside, explore and also have conversations on how to preserve our planet by eliminating paper waste, trying to save trees and keeping as much paper out of our landfills as possible.  Many of our teachers tied these conversations into our science standards in an effort to not only educate our students but also to come together to help keep our Hawthorne community clean for our current and future families and wildlife.

John Mahal

Days like this are important teaching opportunities for our students as students may not realize that there are multiple ways that they can participate in protecting the Earth and make it a safer place! For example, water conservation is an important part of protecting our environment in terms of not using more than we need. From brushing our teeth with the water off to watering our lawns (hopefully soon!) in smaller amounts of time are small steps we can take to make big impacts on the planet and environment.

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Staff also discussed with students ways that they can celebrate Earth Day at home (if able):

Families can plant a tree — trees produce oxygen that both humans and wildlife need to survive. The more trees we have, we can help restore the balance of the ecosystem and create a lasting memory for you and your family.

Pick up trash — Keeping a clean house, neighborhood, park is great for the environment and it makes that area more enjoyable for kids to play in.

Recycle — This is a simple task that can be done at home by recycling paper, plastic and aluminum rather than throwing it in the garbage. Families can show students what the appropriate bins would be as this small gesture can make a big impact on the environment.

Earth Day is an everyday opportunity for our students to not only keep our environment clean, safe and enjoyable but also in taking pride in our Hawthorne community.  We are so proud of how interested our students wanted to be a part of this from the learning that occurred in the classroom to the cleanup that they helped with outside. Way to go Hawthorne!

John Mahal is principal of Hawthorne Elementary School.