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Letter: Appalled at actions of city attorney

As a local businessperson, I have watched very closely, for several months, the actions, statements, behaviors, and court filing and testimony of City Attorney Kelly Dawn Martinez, and am purely appalled — as you should be also!

I am calling on the City Council to immediately suspend Martinez, without pay, and launch a third party independent investigation into her actions.

Her work against Lisa Hanson, owner of The Interchange, has been nothing short of embarrassing, inept, sloppy and bullying behavior. I suspect strongly that it is also prosecutorial misconduct!

The public printed court records clearly show that not once, but twice (since December) Martinez has failed to create, issue and serve, a summons and complaint in compliance with Minnesota Court Rules of Procedure. Additionally, if my allegations are correct, then Martinez, under oath — by omission — has lied to a judge concerning the summons. And, has asked for and received a warrant for the arrest of Hanson based on “the summons that never was.” This outlined incident is one of several that I have witnessed in written records, press releases and Zoom court.

This is fraud against the court — if not prosecutorial misconduct. And I can’t begin to imagine the unleashing of fines and penalties if it was you, rather than a city attorney, acting this way in court.

The job of the city attorney is, in part, to protect the citizens. If Lisa Hanson has shown up and been present for dozens of hearings related to this series of hearings, then a newly drafted properly sent summons, would have been a far better choice than issuing a warrant.

This type of government overreach, abuse of powers, not following court rules, state laws, and state and federal Constitutions are exactly what made Lisa Hanson of The Interchange, dig in and fight to make this right! For all citizens!

Mrs. Hanson has already filed lawsuits against the city and city attorney (and several others) totaling millions of dollars. While we must wait for the results to play out in court, the continued behavior of Martinez reeks of “payback” if not harassment.

And now, Martinez is taking on the county sheriff, too? While her profession calls on her to be cooperative with law enforcement, she deliberately challenges them. She’s wasting even more taxpayer dollars by taking the sheriff to court over her misdemeanor arrangement. The chief judge of the 3rd Judicial District clearly established that the sheriff has discretion on misdemeanor warrant apprehension. It would seem that the sheriff, a reasonable, experienced lawman, knew that Lisa Hanson was not a “threat” to public safety. He chose to not actively seek her out, knowing that Mrs. Hanson had questioned the lack of a summons, therefore, tainting the warrant.

How long will our council members allow City Attorney Kelly Martinez to go rogue, potentially costing us hundreds of thousands, if not millions? Suspend her, investigate her actions and motives, and, if the facts support it, terminate the employment!

Calvin Douglas

Clarks Grove