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Letter: There is no more local control

Facts: It is too bad that a person who writes letters to the editor about how bad the Republicans are never has any facts.

National debt has been increasing forever. Google “national debt” and Polidiotic has U.S. national debt by years since 1789. Facts from recent history at the end of each president’s term: Reagan $2.6 trillion, H.W. Bush $4 trillion, Clinton $5.6 trillion, G.W. Bush $10 trillion, Obama $19.5 trillion, Trump $26.9 trillion, Biden $28 trillion in three months. The problem is not Republican or Democrat. It is we have let the federal government take over control of states, counties, townships, towns. We have no local control anymore! Just ask your local school board member, town mayors and council members, township officials, county supervisors, state elected senators and representatives.

Russel Tordoff