Southwest Middle School Standout Student

Published 8:30 pm Friday, April 30, 2021

Name: Lizzy O’Brien

Age: 12

Parents: Linda O’Brien and Amy Fogelquist

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Where are you from: Yukon, Oklahoma

Favorite teacher: Probaby Ms. Kloskin because she’s always up for a good book and a debate. She’s also rather open-minded to other viewpoints ,which makes a nice conversation. Her class is never boring, and there’s always something new to spice up the day.

Favorite author: Leigh Bardugo

Current/past activities: Girl Scouts, archery, robotics, gymnastics, tap and ballet, choir

What advice would you give to younger students in Albert Lea: Just because you try one thing and it doesn’t work out doesn’t mean everything else will fail, too. Eventually everyone finds their perfect match whether it be cooking, writing, teaching, playing sports or something entirely different. Everyone has their special something.

Teacher quotes:

Starr Kloskin (Minnesota history): “Lizzy O’Brien joined our Southwest community during the year and seemed determined to jump right in and help Red Team become even more awesome. Lizzy is a student who is never willing to let a student feel left out of activities or classroom discussions; she works hard to ensure that others have a chance to contribute. I have enjoyed discussing books with Lizzy in class. She has a unique perspective on what she reads, and her enthusiasm often encourages others to look into what book she is carrying.  Elizabeth O’Brien is truly a stand-out student.

Melanie Attig (reading): Lizzy O’Brien is a kind and confident student. She works hard in class and always produces quality work. During group activities she sets herself apart by being a dynamic leader. She is an asset to any class she is in.