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Letter: Biden and left are smearing lies

Thank you, Sarah, for making our voice heard, and thank you to the Albert Lea police for all you do to keep us safe.

I dislike all the hate mail. Hillary Clinton on Dec. 9, 2016, referred to Trump supporters calling tens of millions of American men and women “deplorable” Trump supporters as haters and bigots, calling us racists. Hillary corruptly used her office to raise funds from foreign governments and corporations and irresponsibly handled classified material on her email server, endangering U.S. security.

President Biden and the left are smearing lies: The coronavirus outbreak is the fault of Christians. The dangerous assault on free speech.

The left is smearing conservatives and trying to silence us, so they can pass off their own twisted view of the world to the American people as the truth.

To Mr. Thorson, yes, I know people making over $400,000 — farmers — for one tractor or combine, and all trucking industries, manufacturing, funeral homes, grocery stores and auto stores.

Thank you, Mrs. Gerry’s Albert Lea. As a semi-driver, I met a couple in California 20 years ago. Their dream was to come to Albert Lea and drive for Mrs. Gerry’s. They were white and had everything stolen from them, so they were asking to polish our fuel tank and tire rims so they could earn some money. They were not beggars. If it weren’t for Mrs. Gerry’s and other businesses, who would pay for everything in Albert Lea? Businesses pay salaries, taxes, contributions. Frankly, I don’t care how much they make — they create jobs.

More than 75 million of us never voted for what we’re seeing from the corrupt Democrats, who are acting just like lawless, selfish looters — smashing the windows of our republic, running in and grabbing our hard-earned dollars, our Constitutional rights and the things we hold most dear about our country.

It’s time to impeach the impeachers: Adam Schiff (19 years) needs to be kicked out of office for his impeachment hoax of Trump; Nancy Pelosi (33 years); Maxine Waters (29 years); and Jerry Nadler (27 years). They make laws for us while they don’t live by them, and everything’s free for them.

The media never has anything negative to report on the crooked Biden family. Evidence is mounting that Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, leveraged their fathers’ positions in the Obama-Biden administration to get rich at the expense of the United States.

How did they do it? In 2013, Hunter flew with his father, the then vice president, aboard Air Force Two, on an official U.S. diplomatic trip to China. Just two weeks later, he and Kerry’s stepson registered their Chinese investment firm, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR Partners). Perhaps, if they weren’t so interested in blaming Donald Jr. for what? And impeaching President Trump — nothing has been proven true.

Biden, stop buying votes and paying $40,000 for families not to work. If our industries don’t make money, they will go to other countries, like where I worked at Fleetguard in Lake Mills.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea