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Letter: End the mask requirements for children

It is time to end the mask requirements for our children. We are well past the point of rational views on children wearing masks. It has been a fact for almost the entire virus that COVID-19 does not essentially affect our young ones in the same way. However, we still continue to make them wear masks? And when a child asks why, we tell them it is to protect everyone from a bad virus. As parents, we have allowed our children to carry a burden, that’s also one of fear.

Are we doing what is best for our children? Courtney Taylor of Georgia stated to her school board that we are making our children bear a burden that isn’t theirs to carry. My oldest son has grown a fear of not wearing masks due to routine and an understanding that if he doesn’t, he will risk lives. My stepdaughter doesn’t want to return to finish the school year because of masks. At the end of 2020, my youngest son answered what he wanted the most for the year of 2021, was that we didn’t have to wear masks anymore. This is children advocating their needs, and we are not listening. It is an adult’s responsibility to advocate for our children because they cannot.

We are losing our ability to connect as humans by covering up a part of ourselves. Do masks even work? I don’t know. However, it is reasonable to conclude that masks are vastly worn for psychological purposes to make us feel safe. And if you are vaccinated, why are you wearing a mask? Many of our teachers are vaccinated so why are children of the low-risk category wearing masks? And are we willing to continue mask mandates for children when we do not know the risks of wearing masks five days a week for eight hours? One may think that is crazy thinking, but is it? We breathe in oxygen, but we breathe out carbon dioxide. When we wear a mask, we are inhaling some of the carbon dioxide we just exhaled out. Carbon dioxide is toxic to the body, so the body excretes it. What might happen to a growing child over a long period of use? One day we will look back and really question our actions.

It is time to acknowledge that the high level of distress from COVID-19 is over. We seem to have forgotten that the lockdowns were not only meant to slow the spread, but to keep hospital beds available. While I do believe that COVID-19 is a valid health concern, it should not be the focal point of our livelihoods. Fear has driven us into an overwhelming state of caution. This isn’t the first virus we have faced, and it won’t be the last. What we all do know is children are less likely to be affected by COVID-19 and mask mandates should follow accordingly.

End the mask requirements for school children!

Nicole Hansen