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Letter: Present your own positions

I have been at a loss as to how to respond to the columns from Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Farris and Mr. Kramer. Their goal seems to be defining Democratic positions. I can understand the advantage of defining your opponents. I would prefer they addressed their Republican positions on issues. People could then make a fair comparison.

For example, contrary to Republican misrepresentations, I believe law enforcement needs more resources. They need more resources for psychological evaluations during the hiring process. Law enforcement personnel are subjected to carnage responding to our accidents and emergencies. This impacts them. They have a dangerous job protecting us from criminals. They should be provided continuous psychological review during their working career.

Mr. Kramer in his April 14 My Point of View accused Democrats of embracing socialism — a common accusation by Republicans. He labeled many of the initiatives being championed by Democrats as nothing more than “participation trophies” being given to buy votes. Remember Trump’s trade wars? (Trump said they are fun and easy to win). When that did not work out, Trump paid billions of dollars to farmers to make up for lost sales. That is really buying votes and an example of a real participation trophy!   

Mr. Kramer states “since our beginning, America is the place where you can come with nothing and if you are willing to work hard have unlimited opportunity.” We have people coming to our southern border who fit this profile and who are also “hungry.” I am thrilled Mr. Kramer is embracing these new immigrants.

The bottom line is that there should be fair treatment of people at all income levels. Government aid should not be reserved for only the rich and large business. The first COVID relief bill is an example. At least $500 billion of the aid went to big corporations. Republicans have embraced the discredited trickle-down theory. In my opinion they have let it degenerate even further into the crumb-down theory. Lower-income people should be satisfied with the crumbs that fall off the tables of the rich. The Republicans have rewarded the rich with the real “participation trophies.”

Joe Pacovsky