Letter: Return to routine preventative appointments

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2021

COVID has left a number of people confused and concerned about the best course of action for themselves with regard to health issues. There has been a lot of information to wade through as each individual sorts out for themselves what is best for them regarding COVID. I have heard countless stories from patients, family and friends where treatment protocols have been disrupted or delayed with detrimental impact for the individual. Somewhere in the middle of all of this confusion, we have been afraid or unable to continue routine and preventative care. For your skin, dermatologists recommend routine screenings and appointments to support your overall  health and help diagnose life-threatening conditions as early as possible.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Melanoma Awareness Month serves as the perfect reminder to schedule your complete skin exam. Early detection is important! When skin cancer is caught early, it is usually very treatable. Outpatient care has proven to be very safe. Extra precautions such as limiting the number of patient visits and allowing more time between patients, curbside check-in, immediate escorting to the patient exam room, extensive cleansing between patients in all areas, staff vaccination and wearing necessary PPE all work together to provide a positive patient experience in our office. Seeking care at a dedicated dermatology clinic also provides separation from other patients who might otherwise have health issues dermatology patients do not need to encounter.

I encourage you to return to your providers, in person, by scheduling your routine and/or preventative appointments for you and your family.

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Deanne Zogg

Epiphany Dermatology