Letter: Trump an example of narcissism

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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I saw a poll recently that I couldn’t believe. It showed that one out of five Republicans thought the attack on the Capitol Jan. 6 was justified. Now I find this to be very, very scary. These people walk among us. I also watched Trump’s speech in North Carolina at the Republican convention Saturday, June 5. Of course I did this for my amusement. I couldn’t believe how he could get so many weak-minded sheep there to listen to his spiel. Just the fact that he predicts that he will be reinstated by August and these people swallow it is mind boggling. He hasn’t admitted that he lost the election yet. He keeps repeating the election was rigged. Narcissistic people have learned that if you keep repeating a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it to be true. There have been 50 judges who have ruled on this election, and they couldn’t find anything fraudulent. Several of these judges were appointed by Trump when he was president. If you have no idea what narcissist means go to Google and you see that Trump fills into every example they use. And you will see this if you have an open mind. We are so lucky this man isn’t our president any more. I strongly feel that Trump had it in his mind that him and Russian President Putin were going to eventually rule the world. After all, Putin is considered the richest person in the world. Trump feels like he fits right into that world obviously. Trump filled his cabinet when he was president and their only qualification was that they had to be malty millionaires. Trump reduced taxes on the filthy rich. Republicans scam the average Joe that it will trickle down but it never does. That’s due to the greed they have. It’s sad there are so many Joes that swallow this barf. So just remember I never said most of the things I said I said. But remember I said this. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea

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