$125 million available from MoneyGram refund settlement

Published 11:28 am Friday, July 2, 2021

The claims process is now open for victims to file for a share of a $125 million settlement MoneyGram International reached with federal authorities three years ago.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce licenses and regulates businesses that cash checks, transmit money, own and operate ATMs and provide electronic funds transfers.

Individuals who sent a MoneyGram transfer to a scammer from the United States between Jan. 1, 2013, and Dec. 31, 2017, and used their name on the money transfer are eligible to file a claim.

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Con artists often tell their victims to send them money through MoneyGram and other wire transfer services because the payments are instant and difficult to reverse.

The Commerce Department advises to never wire money to someone you don’t know.

There is no cost to file a claim form. You do not need a lawyer to file a claim. The deadline to file is Aug. 31.

To file a claim, you must have a MoneyGram money transfer control number, an eight-digit number assigned to each transfer. It is listed on receipts and completed send forms.

Claims could take more than a year to be processed.

If you receive a phone call, mail, email or social media message asking you to pay to receive your refund, that is a scam and you should disregard it.

For more information about eligibility and the claims process, go to ftc.gov/moneygram and moneygramremission.com

If you have any questions about whether something is a scam, or suspect that you may be a victim of a scam, call the Minnesota Department of Commerce at 952-237-7571, email the Department at consumer.protection@state.mn.us or file a complaint at https://mn.gov/commerce/consumers/file-a-complaint.