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Hagedorn announces kidney cancer has returned

First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn on Wednesday announced his kidney cancer has returned.

Hagedorn was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer on Feb. 15, 2019, and has received continued care and immunotherapy at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic. After recently visiting the Mayo Clinic and undergoing several tests, Hagedorn’s doctors confirmed that his cancer has resurfaced.

Hagedorn said in a statement the new diagnosis was surprising considering that just 14 weeks ago no cancer was detected.

“But, as every cancer survivor knows, you fight the disease each and every day,” he said. “Even the best of recoveries present unexpected challenges like I am facing.

“Since initially being diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer 29 months ago, my doctors consider my response to treatment and recovery as exceptional. Since that time, I have maintained a full, active schedule in Congress, campaigned aggressively for re-election, and lived and enjoyed life to the fullest.

“Be assured, I will continue to fight for America and serve the people of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.”

He said he remains upbeat and views the future as bright as Jesus Christ is watching over him.

“I am fortunate to be receiving medical care from the world’s finest professionals at the Mayo Clinic,” he said. “My doctors and I are very encouraged by a promising new FDA-approved cure that is available to attack this type of cancer.”

He said he is grateful for the support of his wife, Jennifer Carnahan, family, friends, colleagues, staff and constituents.
“The earliest possible detection and treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses provides the best chance to defeat the disease and live the longest and best life possible,” Hagedorn said. “I encourage anyone who has missed annual medical exams and cancer screenings to please make an appointment today. It could save your life.”

Hagedorn was first elected to serve the 1st District in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018 and was reelected in November to another term.