Letter: Who is Don Sorensen?

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The other day, I overheard, “Who the #@!!  is Don Sorensen?” Fair question — I am an opinionated, 83-year-old, Midwestern farm boy, a constitutional conservative, free market, small business capitalist, no college, but a number of hard earned PhDs from the University of “Hard Knocks.”

With age, I hope I have gained some wisdom.

I was introduced to the news at the age of 2 when forced sit on my dad’s lap as he listened to FDR’s Sunday night “Fire Side Chats.” It was a struggle, I did not sit well, (still don’t). It was considered the second most important hour of the week. Church was the most important hour.

Our radio was always tuned to a major news outlet. Slowly I became addicted to the news and the search for the truth.

I began writing political essays in high school and editorials over 40 years ago. My mission has always been to get people to think. If I do not receive negative feedback, I haven’t achieved my goal. You accomplish nothing preaching to the choir!

I stopped writing five months ago. It was becoming too depressing. The anger, bitterness and hate that infests the Democratic Party had become too venomous. I needed a break!

However, after receiving comments from across the country encouraging me to continue writing — thanks for your endorsements — I decided to renew my efforts of poking holes in radical liberal philosophies geared to “fundamentally transform America.”

I discovered doing research and writing are excellent therapies for an aging brain. The old adage “use it or lose it” applies.

Research has become arduous. There is so much false information on the internet and media. It has become difficult to separate fact from fiction, propaganda, half truths and blatant lies.

Columnists I follow have become milquetoast journalists, fearful of bring banned from the internet.

Newspapers and magazines that used to print unbiased articles are now owned by liberal publishers. Even the National Geographic, which I coveted since before I could read (I loved the photos), has become nothing but a liberal rag. With a heavy heart I’m canceling my subscription of over 60 years.

Free speech is slowly being censored on every level. We only hear and read what those in power deem acceptable.

There is no such thing as established scientific fact. Most scientists are avowed liberals who apply for grants from a liberal Congress, so of course their findings will support the liberal agenda. A number of college professors have admitted this fact to me.

The new radical Democrat is out of touch with reality and is lusting for power; hopefully, they will overreach and self-destruct.

However, it is more likely that the current generation of young Americans have become so indoctrinated and enamored with socialism, that America and the rest of the free world are on a one-way trip down a very dark socialist rabbit hole.

Every American should be terrified of the “you owe me” generation.

Still “proud to be an American!”

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea