Letter: All must bear some responsibility

Published 8:30 pm Friday, August 27, 2021

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Jennifer Vogt-Erickson, a regular columnist in the Tribune, is a gifted, though politically biased, writer.  Her columns in past years have been almost totally devoted to attacking Republicans at all levels of government, with particular attention to former President Trump. I have been anxiously looking forward to her positive explanation of President Biden and Gov. Walz’s programs. I was sure she would extol the virtues of President Biden’s southern border policy of inviting millions of undocumented immigrants to cross our border illegally and then spreading them across the United States to become the welfare obligation of unsuspecting communities. As many as 20% of these migrants are believed to have COVID-19.

Another worthy subject of the Jennifer pen would certainly be her positive spin on the Afghanistan withdrawal presided over by President Biden. Would she have some enlightenment to share with us on why the United States abandoned $85 billion worth of sophisticated military equipment that the Taliban can now use against us, and more ominously, against the citizens of their own country.

Or what about the progress, if any, made by Vice President Harris on the problem of illegal migration from Central American countries.

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I went to war 71 years ago at the direction of President Harry Truman, a Democrat — a decision supported by a majority of American citizens of all political persuasions. Unfortunately, such bipartisan support for our elected leadership has been seriously compromised in recent years.

I have just been watching television reports that 12 U.S. service members were killed this morning in attacks in Kabul. If the past is any indication, Democrats will blame President Trump for their deaths. While this tragedy is unfolding on President Biden’s watch, we all must bear some responsibility. Ours is a government of, by and for the people. I am praying for President Biden. As the sign on President Truman’s desk said, “The Buck Stops Here.”

Paul Overgaard

Albert Lea