Letter: Keep the sound of music in your soul

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Where did all the flowers go? I think of those lyrics every year at this time when I ask myself, “Where did the summer go?” How many times have we asked ourselves that same question? When I was growing up, it meant going back to school, which I truly enjoyed. When I was a mother of school-age children, it meant bringing more structure into our family life. Structure is good and so is music. It soothes us, refreshes us and gives us energy. I invite you to add music to your structure this fall. The opportunity to spend $45 to see seven concerts right in Albert Lea is a bargain. If so inclined, you can make an evening of it and go out to eat before the concert or have dessert after the concert. Our local businesses need and welcome your support. The variety of concerts suits a variety of interests. There is a selection of vocal as well as instrumental performers. Remember, the opportunity to hear a performance out of your comfort zone may trigger a new interest for you. We are looking forward to seeing you this concert season. More information can be found online at www.AlbertLeaCivicMusic.com. If you have questions, contact Diane Heaney at 507-383-4674 or Sue Jorgensen at 507-377-1580. Thank you and keep the sound of music in your soul.

Cheryl Reynolds