My Point of View: America can come through challenging times as in past

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2021

My Point of View by Brad Kramer

I’d like to echo Paul Overgaard’s sentiments in his recent letter. Over the past few months, the focus of the GOP’s columns has been to share the things the Republican Party, locally and nationally, has been striving for, and the values we share, such as a love for capitalism. While at the fair several weeks ago, it was astounding to me how many families and individuals stopped by our booth to chat. There were as many teenagers stopping by the booth to say hi to their peers at our booth as any other age group. Lots of families stopped by with parents telling us to please keep up the good fight because they are sickened watching our rights continue to be eroded by the Democrats’ policies and fear mongering.

Brad Kramer

Like Mr. Overgaard, I would question, when is Mrs. Erickson going to brag about the great things President Biden is accomplishing lately? When is she going to stop trying to distract you with allegations against Republicans and focus on the incompetence on a mass scale that is called the Biden Administration?

If things feel wrong right now, you are not alone. I’ve talked to so many business owners, first responders, veterans, parents and grandparents, and others whose sentiment is “something is not right.” I’ve tried to avoid the usual us vs. them arguments and finger-pointing, but there’s too much blood on the hands of the Biden Administration, and those who voted for him because he didn’t “Tweet mean things.”

We could have picked a random grade-schooler with Crayons and construction paper and asked them to draft a policy within 30-minutes on how to effectively withdraw from Afghanistan and come up with a more effective strategy than Biden’s disaster — a disaster that killed American service members and will lead to numerous Afghan families who dared help Americans getting tortured and executed. We handed piles of weaponry, hardware, cash and classified information over to enemy combatants, as they freed terrorists from prisons. I was hoping it was satire listening to an interview with a general describing how the Taliban would be providing security for the airport and other strategic sites that we walked away from.

Biden then has the gall to stand behind a podium, clutching a binder to his chest, looking like a frail and scared old man, putting on a spineless display for all the world to see, blaming his fiasco on Trump. This sorry excuse for a president has scrapped every plan that was working and promised success that President Trump had enacted, yet while he botched up this withdrawal beyond measure, failing to hold the other parties to their part of the agreement, and evacuated strategic military bases that have taken the lives of American soldiers to secure in the most incompetent manner possible.

Our border is a fiasco. The kids in cages that he decried a year ago are worse off than ever. The border is overrun. Inflation is becoming a fact of life. And not the “good” kind that comes from a strong economy and improves our trade position.

I could keep going on everything we’re seeing that is not right. It’s almost like President Biden is trying to make as many horrendous decisions as humanly possible before being kicked out of the White House and being replaced by an equally incompetent vice president.

America is a great nation. Its history has provided the world with a template for freedom and prosperity the world had never experienced. We’ve fed the world, put a man on the moon and given the world technology, health care and resources that have propelled humanity forward by centuries. Our soldiers have spilled blood fighting in battlefields around the world defending liberty. We came together after terrorist attacks, offered our help during disasters throughout the world and have gone toe-to-toe with forces like China and Russia who threatened world peace and freedom.

There is no doubt in my mind that America can come through this if we choose. Our future can hold prosperity, peace, advancement and continue this beautiful experiment we call The American Dream. Millions of immigrants have endured hardships beyond imagination to come to this great nation and achieve a life not imaginable in their own homelands.

If the pace of the degradation of our nation keeps at this pace, there will not be a republic left to save. If what you are seeing right now sickens you, if you are tired of Democrats who want to lecture you constantly, if you want to see America stop the division, then I ask you: Join us. The Republican Party is not perfect, but we need, and want, people like you to join us and help make us better. Let us represent you, by you standing with us for America. United we stand, divided we fall.

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.