Construction update: The latest on area road projects

Published 6:47 am Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Washington Avenue and Water Street parking lot reconstruction

According to the city, this week the contractor finished paint striping the lot. The only remaining items for this project are some small punch list items.

Blazing Star Trail reclamation project

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The contractor started work this week on installation of a culvert near 197th Street and Interstate 35 and peeling back the top soil along the shoulders of the trail. The trail was slated to begin being milled up along the one-mile segment starting Friday, the city stated. This process involves grinding the existing pavement and regrading it to for use as the new aggregate base. Following milling, the contractor will repave a new 2 1/2-inch asphalt trail surface.

2021 sliplining project

Work this week consisted mainly of sliplining the sanitary sewer lines that run underneath the channel by the Front Street bridge and the line that runs through the backyard areas east of Frank Avenue between Second Street and James Avenue, according to the city. Next week they will complete the work by installing the liner underneath Dane Bay.

Plaza Street culvert replacement

Work this week included backfilling around the new culverts, installing riprap at the culvert ends and installing the new aggregate road base.

Bituminous paving and site restoration are tentatively scheduled for next week.

Bridge Avenue reconstruction

Work this week included sewer and water service replacement between Glenview Road and Hammer Road, storm sewer replacement between Glenview Road and Hammer Road, excavation and aggregate base installation between Goose Creek and Glenview Road.

Work expected for next week includes: storm sewer replacement between Troy Road and Hammer Road, sanitary sewer replacement between Troy Road and Hammer Road, concrete curb and gutter installation north of Goose Creek, street light installation north of Goose Creek and boulevard tree installation south of Richway Drive.