Justice Bus delivering legal services to people in need across state of Minnesota

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Across Minnesota today, justice is being delivered in an innovative way with the recent launch of the Justice Bus initiative. Four brightly colored buses travel each week to places where Minnesotans in need of civil legal services live and work, ensuring more access to the expert legal advice provided by four of Minnesota’s largest legal aid agencies. And the results so far show lives are being changed for the better, according to a press release.

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) lawyers and legal support staff found fellow Minnesotans appreciate the ability meet with our team where they are — whether that is a local senior center, a farmers market, a library or on Main Street. The Justice Bus is equipped with meeting areas, computer access and the legal documents needed to help with a range of civil legal matters. People are helped in the Justice Bus on a wide variety of issues ranging from staving off evictions to help with wills and employment issues.

Justice in the United States is built on the idea that all people have equal rights under the law, but many citizens find lack of access to legal help limits their rights and ability to live fully in our society. For those Minnesotans without easy access to legal services — whether it is because of physical location, digital accessibilities or ability to pay — the Justice Bus breaks down these barriers and brings the law to them.

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The bus has already made stops in Mankato, Renville and the Plainview-Elgin area and found this new-found mobility empowers Minnesotans, helps them get access to needed legal services and enhances the stability in their lives.

Next time people see a bright blue Justice Bus around town, they should stop by if they have civil legal questions or concerns. For more information please email justicebus@smrls.org.