Ramsey County prosecutor quits over diversion policies

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, December 23, 2021

ST. PAUL — A key Ramsey County prosecutor has quit because he feels his office is too soft on offenders. 

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Wednesday that Richard Dusterhoft resigned earlier this month. He was the trial division director for the county. 

Dusterhoft said he was frustrated with policies that promote diversion programs over prison time. His former boss, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, has introduced a number of initiatives that focus on rehabilitation. 

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The Washington County prosecutor who initially handled Daunte Wright’s death at the hands of a Brooklyn Park police officer  quit his job in May. Imran Ali said he was tired of partisan politics and activists trying to influence charging decisions. 

Former officer Kim Potter shot Wright during a traffic stop, saying she mistakenly drew her firearm when she meant to draw her stun gun as Wright tried to drive away. Potter is white; Wright was Black. She’s currently on trial for manslaughter.