Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:50 pm Friday, January 7, 2022

To four new COVID-19 deaths in Freeborn County.

The numbers from local and state health officials were a stark reminder this week that the COVID-19 pandemic is raging in full force across the state, nation — and even in our own community.

Freeborn County alone had four new COVID-19 deaths reported in the updates this week, including residents ranging in age from 50s to 80s.

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The number of active cases has also gone back up above 200 in the county.

We hope people take these numbers seriously and remember that even though you might be fine in your fight against COVID, your friends or family might not be as lucky.

We must all take care of each other.

To the nominations sent in regarding unsung heroes.

Thank you to all those who have turned in nominations of someone they think is an unsung hero in our community. We have heard about some wonderful people thus far, and we hope to still receive many more nominations.

We also hope you will consider nominations for our annual Citizen of the Year award, which recognizes residents on a community-wide level who are stepping up to improve the lives of residents, either directly or indirectly.

Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 14.

To the new coffee and doughnut shop in Albert Lea.

Congratulations to all who have played a part in the opening of a new coffee and doughnut shop called Mocha & Mini on South Broadway in the former Dairy Queen building.

It is great to see that building being used, and it is equally as exciting to see another new business on South Broadway.

The southern corridor into the city continues to grow as seen with the development of several new businesses in recent years.

We hope residents will support this new business and all local businesses in their effort to bring different products and opportunities to our area.

They rely on our support to be a success.

To the Sparkle Holiday Lights Contest winners.

Congratulations to the winners of the Sparkle Holiday Lights Contest this year: Phil Scott won the grand prize of $500; second-place winner of $300 was Steve Shahan; third-place winner of $150 was Claran Stevens.

The event raised $533 from registration and voting. Thanks for bringing holiday cheer and support to the United Way through this contest.