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Published 8:50 pm Friday, January 14, 2022

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To the three candidates nominated to fill an upcoming judicial vacancy.

Congratulations to the three women who were recommended this week for consideration to fill an upcoming vacancy in Minnesota’s Third Judicial District. The vacancy will occur upon the retirement of Judge Steven Schwab.

The seat will be chambered in Albert Lea in Freeborn County, where Schwab has been a judge since 2008. 

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The three candidates are Stephanie Haedt, Christy Hormann and Natalie Martinez.

Two of the candidates are from Freeborn County and the third is from neighboring Steele County. 

We wish them all good luck during this process, and we look forward to seeing who is selected. 

To growing COVID-19 cases, deaths in the area.

Though we may sound like a broken record, it’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to worsen in our area as more deaths and high case counts were reported this week.

Freeborn County’s active cases surpassed 300 this week, and new deaths were reported in several area counties. 

We ask people to do their best to follow the recommendations of health officials even though it has become tiring for everyone. 

To blood donation shortages.

The American Red Cross has now stated it is facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, and blood and platelet donations are critically needed to help prevent delays in vital medical treatments. 

The shortage is taking place because of decreased donations since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. 

This includes a significant drop in college and high school drives, which in normal years make up about one-fourth of donors.

Ongoing blood drive cancellations have also contributed due to illness, weather-related closures and staffing limitations.

If you are healthy and able, we encourage you to consider donating blood as the need for donations is great.

All blood types are needed, though the most critical need is for O Positive, O Negative and platelets. 

Donating blood is easy, takes minimal time and could mean the difference in life and death for those in need of blood transfusions. 

Give life.