Letter: City logo is a timeless design

Published 8:30 pm Friday, January 21, 2022

I am a native Albert Lean and graduated from ALHS. This is where my wife and I purchased our first home when our son was born. Life and work caused us to move elsewhere for many years. We returned to Albert Lea just before COVID arrived.

I appreciated the Tribune article concerning a logo for the new water tower. Consistency is important. Think of the logos/icons we have grown up with and how strongly they communicate to us the intended image: The Chevrolet bow tie, Olympic interlocking rings, the Minnesota Viking horns, McDonald’s golden arches, etc. 

While what we now have is familiar — and, isn’t that the point — let us consider celebrating our present, easily-recognizable logo. It is a tastefully, timeless design.

We note how our community seems to enjoy returning to the original downtown storefronts. The so-called “modernizing” that went on here during my younger days has turned out to be short-lived. The original look speaks to history, stability and consistency. 

Finally, our present logo honors nature and its priceless gift to our Albert Lea community — the beautiful, ever-changing waterways. Wherever we see it — our city trucks, city parks and other Albert Lea structures — it reminds us of who we are and where we are. We are Albert Leans, and this is our community, our home!

Jon Romer

Albert Lea