Letter: How did Republicans vote for Trump?

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2022

I just saw a poll on the news media. It was should we have more violence in our politics?

It showed that 40% of the Republicans said yes. This backs up a statement I have made several times in my letters to the editor. I have mentioned that 40% of the American people would vote for a pig for president it you put a Republican sign in front of it — Trump being a good example. 

I find it hard to believe how local Republicans write letters to the editor and show that they are Trump supporters. A person with common sense would see that these people have no minds of their own. They need someone like Trump to tell them how to think and what to do. 

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Look how many attacked our Capitol on Jan. 6 after he ordered those at his Trump rally to do so. Trump said he could walk down a street in New York City and shoot someone and his popularity would go up. He said this COVID was a hoax put out by the Democrats. He said if you drink a shot of turpentine it would cure your COVID. 

He said he was going to build a 2,000-mile wall on the southern border, and he was going to have Mexico pay for it. All this and so many weak-minded people would still vote for him.  

It was brought to my attention lately that someone else accused me of having a ghost writer. I take this as the biggest compliment I could get.   That means they can’t find any fault with my message so they find fault with the messenger.   I know I am at the top of every two-faced, backstabbing, gossipy, fault-finding Republican who has read my articles in the paper. It was just in the paper the Republicans are going to have a caucus Feb. 1. There is no doubt my name will be used more times at that meeting than any politician that is running. I consider this a compliment. I feel famous. I am a star. I have been asked lately when I was going to write another letter. Trump isn’t president now, so I don’t get much fodder to write about. He supplied me with something almost every day.  

I find politics today to be boring the way it is supposed to be. Yes, I am still bragging.   I didn’t vote for Trump.  


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea