Robin Gudal: Do you prefer mornings or nights?

Published 8:00 pm Friday, February 25, 2022

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EN(dur)ANCE by Robin Gudal

I prefer to stay up late. As I age, however, the internal clock often wakes me up before the sunrise. I am not a big outdoor person and have often not appreciated his nature and beauty. I’ve been blessed to be in some amazing places to be confronted with it. Since I ache in the morning until I get moving, I’ve created a routine these past few years that I enjoy, which often includes watching the sun rise. Awaking to Christian radio as I prepare my cup of cream with a splash of coffee, Jesus-time, journaling, writing, reading, washing the night’s previous dishes (I save them, so I have the warm water upon my achy hands), the house is quiet and I enjoy this serene time.

Robin Gudal

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised.” (Psalm 113:3, KJ) 

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During this morning contemplative time I often count my blessings and pray for others as they come to mind. As I awoke today, I felt such a fullness in my heart! I have an amazing circle of friends that fill my cup. These women come from different walks and seasons of life. It is a richness that not only encourages me, sometimes challenges me, and always fills my heart with gratitude. 

Readers, you also fill my cup. Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart and thoughts. It is a scary experience to put your innermost thoughts and heart out to others. It all started in December 2018 with a contest the Albert Lea Tribune had. I read about it and couldn’t sleep well that night, so I awoke and penned my contribution. I didn’t win. I did, however, get a call from Sarah asking me if I would consider writing on the Faith page? Oh my! What an amazing opportunity. I’d desired to write for some time, and now the opportunity presented itself. Many of you tell me your appreciation as I see or meet you however, it is uplifting. I feel it would be remiss of me not to shout out here to the Albert Lea Tribune my deep and sincere appreciation for the continued opportunity. I encourage you to also communicate as occasion arises to them. 

“You have put joy in my heart.” (Psalm 4:7a NASB)

May you have a week of counting your blessings. Watching the sun rise and set. Appreciate those in your life that bring you joy. May your cup be full.

“You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” (Psalm 23:5b, NIV)


Robin (Beckman) Gudal is intentional in life, a wife, momma, nana, friend, and a flawed and imperfect follower of Jesus.