Letter: Proposal was about state regulations

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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Oh Brad, Brad, Brad. 

It is usually advisable to ignore Brad Kramer’s comments in his Points of View. Mr. Kramer is a “safety consultant,” so I thought it important to make an exception with his attributions to me in his March 16 Point of View.  

I made no judgment and had no opinion in my proposal on any rules or regulations including those related to OSHA or the EPA. I did not even mention OSHA or the EPA in my comments. Many regulations are beneficial and level the competitive field between responsible businesses and those that are not  responsible.  

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It was clear my proposal was entirely about state of Minnesota regulations. OSHA and EPA regulations are federal regulations, and the state of Minnesota has no jurisdiction. (Brad, state regulations come from St. Paul, and federal regulations come from Washington, D.C.).  

So Brad, a suggestion: Please read the articles on which you are commenting and do not misrepresent  the writer’s comments. 

Joe Pacovsky