Letter: Republican Party needs to get back to where it was 

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Dear readers, 

I am neither a Democrat or Republican, but I am independent. I vote for the person I trust to be able to do the job elected to, and I did not trust Trump, and I was proven right. As it turned out, he is a liar, and it looks like he has mental problems. The party is now what I and a lot of people call a cult, and they will go down just like the Jones cult years ago. Until the Republican Party gets back to where it was, when Eisenhower and other sensible Republicans were in, I and a lot of other people will not cross over. It is too bad our rep in St. Paul thinks it is more important to hold back money to Rochester to drop the mask mandate, than when I asked her at one of the Save Our Hospital meetings to do the same, and she told me I am not that kind of person! Goes to show what’s more important! Thank Wayne, I too am glad I did not vote for Trump.

Les Anderson

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Albert Lea