My Point of View: Republicans ready to lead U.S. to greatness

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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My Point of View by Brad Kramer

Are you concerned about the current state of our country? I am. While I see hope in who we are as a nation, it’s concerning to see the disconnect coming from the Biden Administration and continuing to local Democrats. Inflation is rising at a level unseen in decades, with impacts that are going to be felt for years. As farmers pay double for fuel working the fields, hauling the seeds, fertilizer and crops, running the dryers, and more for everything, the prices will hit consumers at the supermarket just in time for what I bet will be lots of “I did that” stickers with Biden pointing at inflated food prices during election time just like at many gas pumps recently. Citizens are nervously watching the Russian invasion of the Ukraine wondering if we’re going to get drawn into World War III.

Brad Kramer

Meanwhile, at your local Democratic headquarters, Jennifer Vogt Erickson wants to lecture us all that President Biden is on the right side of history. Which side is that? Riding on a fence of indecisive rhetoric with Russia? With no strong American leadership, this dangerous showdown between NATO and Russia is going to pass a point of no return because of incompetent leadership hoping to ride out a Putin bluff.

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In her last column, Jennifer also wanted to share all about something Tucker Carlson said on Fox News. I stated in a previous column that mainstream media was no longer quality content and other sources were springing up due to consumers wanting journalism with integrity. So, I am not sure what her point was here. Do you want to argue about whose media source stinks less, Jennifer? Are we supposed to go back and forth about something dumb that a talking head on CNN said? Fox doesn’t represent the Republican Party. 

Tell us something relevant that the Democrats are doing right now, Jennifer, because I really want to have some faith in this president as we watch events unfold that could send young men and women from our community to war. When President Trump took a strong stance against China, North Korea, Russia and Iran, each showdown brought anxiety for anyone who understands the impact of war. I followed the news hoping that our president knew what he was doing as he seemed to pick fights with narcissistic dictators, each time making ridiculous comments to fan the flames. However, with each came a resolution that caused me to breathe a sigh of relief and pride in our country’s strength. His tactics made me nervous, but each time brought about a sense of security and benefit for America’s interests. Each of those nations unfortunately now sees America as weak and is acting accordingly. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue. This is America’s future. I’d welcome mean tweets and world peace back.

Revisiting Joe Pacovsky’s columns, he didn’t reference OSHA and the EPA. I assumed the inference because when he mentions worker and environmental safety, those two agencies are key. Federal law requires all states to either fall under federal jurisdiction or have a regulatory agency that meets or exceeds federal standards. For worker safety, MNOSHA regulates employee safety for the state of Minnesota and adopts about 99% of the federal standards. The MPCA similarly adopts a substantial number of federal EPA regulations. 

Gov. Walz leveraged the MPCA to adopt California’s vehicle emissions standards because it would never pass on a ballot. California is in a catastrophe getting trucks to haul goods from their ports because so few trucking companies in the U.S. can meet their emission standards, which will happen here. When Pacovsky talks about focusing on state regulatory standards, it’s clear that he doesn’t understand the issues. When President Biden attempted to leverage OSHA to force employers to fire employees that were unvaccinated at the risk of massive fines, that did substantial damage to a regulatory agency that protects the American worker. Politicizing our regulatory agencies to pass California’s vehicle standards and Biden’s vaccine mandate abuses, politicizes and destroys the good these agencies can do, while creating more bureaucracy that cripples their objectives. Most of our regulations are passed or adopted from the federal level with some state-level regulations simply being garbage that couldn’t pass at the ballot-box. Many regulations are beneficial, but it’s garbage like the California emission standards that cripples industry. 

This is just one more example of a Democratic Party that is unbelievably out of touch with understanding industry, creating jobs, leading positive change through example and building a country that is ready to face the challenges of the future. 

Finally, congratulations to Sen. Gene Dornink and Rep. Peggy Bennett on your endorsements to represent us in the upcoming elections! The Freeborn County Republican Party is proud of all your efforts and successes on behalf of our community.

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.