Letter: Questions abound from Republican columns

Published 5:03 am Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Sometimes when I read columns from the Republican point of view in our Albert Lea Tribune, I am a little confused. For instance, on March 30, Brad Kramer asserts that while he was a little “nervous” when former president Trump got into confrontations with foreign leaders, but he knew that the president had the best interests of the country at heart. Huh? Mr. Trump cozied up to Mr. Putin, called him a “genius” and “smart” on the lead up to the invasion of Ukraine, and still calls on Putin to help him in his campaign to regain office. President Biden has helped rally the world to attack Russia and support Ukraine, without putting troops on the ground or provoking a nuclear incident.  There is no way, I repeat no way, Mr. Trump has the skill or the inclination to accomplish this.  

Other times when I read the columns, I am distressed by their nasty, arrogant tone, especially to our fellow Albert Leans. He describes Democratic columnists as  “uninformed,”  “turning our community against  each other” and “pushing Marxist principles.” Not very nice and certainly not very helpful in discussing the issues of the day.  Where does Mr. Kramer get his information? He describes Fox News as mainstream and indicated that he gets his news elsewhere. Where?

And sometimes the Republican columns are revealing.  On March 16, for example, Mr. Kramer said this about Social Security: “Citizens are required to pay into Social Security, take risks that they will not receive benefits when they pay in, get no say in how their funds are invested, have numerous controls on when and how they can withdraw what they paid into …” and so on.   This about the most successful insurance program for seniors and families in the world, one that so many Albert Leans depend on.  Social Security provides retirement,  survivor and disability benefits. I have two nieces with young children who lost their husbands to cancer or a car accident. They received Social Security survivor benefits, which ensured that their children would be able lead healthy lives as they struggled with their grief. I am old enough to remember when my grandmother did not receive Social Security — it came along too late. She was forced to live with one family member, then another, denied the dignity and security that Social Security provides. Make no mistake, Republicans like Mr. Kramer would take us back to this time if they obtain control of our government. Do not give them that opportunity. Support the Democrats.  

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Ted Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea