Students create new animals after reading a book  

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2022

First- and second-grade students of St. Casimir’s School in Wells finished a collaboration project with the 10th-12th grade USC students in Nikki Feist’s Early Childhood class.

The objective of the project was to show the Eearly Childhood students how encouraging creativity in young students can turn into a fun project for all involved. 

Following the story, “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny,” each of the St. Casimir students created a new animal that combines three different animals into one. They practiced creating a story using all four of the story elements, while also being able to explain adaptations from their science unit, such as what is something that is beneficial to an animal?

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What could be added to a bunny that would help its survival rate? These were a few of the questions the students thought about while creating the perfect character for their story. 

After the children finished this process, the high school students brought the new animals to life. The USC students practiced their sewing skills and created the cutest stuffed animals for the younger students. There were many smiles and cuddles happening in the first- and second- grade room when the USC students presented them with a stuffed version of their created animal. The school thanked Feist and the USC Early Childhood Education class for including the St. Casimir students in this project.