Across the Pastor’s Desk: All children are precious to God

Published 8:00 pm Friday, June 24, 2022

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Across the Pastor’s Desk by Kurt Farrell

I grew up in a pro-life household. My mother spent hours volunteering for a pregnancy center in Winona called Birthright. For our family the pro-life moment was not a political one, but a personal one. My mother befriended many of the young women she worked with, and some she even helped deliver their babies. One of those women and her child became a part of our family, and even to this day, after 25 years, they are considered very much a part of the family.

Kurt Farrell

I know there are a lot of differing views in regards to the politics of abortion, and the upcoming Supreme Court decision. My hope is that we all can let the emotions calm and allow time for true dialog about this issue to finally take place.

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For someone like myself who believes God spent nine months in the womb developing into the savior of the world, makes it difficult for me to think that human life does not start at conception. I truly believe that a child conceived in the womb of its mother has a place and mission in this world, even if it was not wanted by its parents.  

I know that life can be messy, and a young woman can feel that abortion is the only logical chose for her in a difficult situation. As a society we need to be more supportive of these women and offer more opportunities for them to choose life. All children are precious in God’s eyes and should be granted the opportunity to live out their lives. My prayer is that we can all come together and work out the issues that divide us without violence or hatred, but with peace and mutual understanding.

Kurt Farrell is a priest at St. Theodore Catholic Church.