My Point of View: There is a lot on the line in the upcoming elections

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, June 7, 2022

My Point of View by Aaron Farris

Over the past few months, the Republican Party has been endorsing a number of phenomenal candidates for offices across Minnesota. From governor down to our local legislative seats, we have Republicans that are ready to take charge, lead and deliver results for all Minnesotans.

Aaron Farris

On a more local level, Brad Finstad is our endorsed candidate for Congress. Brad is a former state legislator, farmer and former Agriculture Department head. Brad is running for Congress to ensure we leave America better off than we found it for future generations. Brad knows what’s important to us in southern Minnesota. Brad knows how hard it is right now due to the Democrats’ rabid spending, record high inflation and astronomically high cost of gas to put food on the table and provide for our families. Brad’s record of public service positions him to be a phenomenal member of Congress who can accomplish what we send him there to do, represent southern Minnesota with pride and never forget where he came from.

An interesting stage has been set for electing Brad. On Aug. 9, you vote for Brad not once, but twice. There’s a special election between Brad and a radical Democrat, and a primary for the November election where Brad will once again face that radical Democrat. Brad is an incredible person, and if there’s anyone out there who deserves your vote twice on the same day, it’s Brad!

Also on Aug. 9 will be a primary for our Minnesota Senate seat. Gene Dornink is our endorsed Republican candidate, and Gene has worked so hard for us over the last two years that it only makes sense to reelect him. Gene is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, lowering taxes, loosening burdensome regulations on small businesses and so many other common sense values that need to be defended in St. Paul. Gene plays an active role in our communities and is an effective legislator that has proven himself to the voters of our community. Gene has worked to reign in spending at the Legislature, deliver assistance to projects in our communities and has held the line against the horrendously socialist programs coming out of the Democratic-controlled House.

Jim Schultz is our endorsed Republican candidate for attorney general, and with Jim leading as Minnesota’s top lawyer, he will restore integrity and honor to the office of attorney general by supporting our police, prosecuting crime and defending the rights of every Minnesotan. When Scott Jensen and Matt Birk retire Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan, Jim will have an incredible team to work with to begin putting Minnesota back on the track to success, rather than one of self destruction.

Minnesota has had Democratic leadership for the past decade, and look where it’s gotten us. Some of the highest taxes in the nation, out of control crime in many of our most beautiful cities, and uncertainty in Minnesota households. Enough is enough. If you’re as sick of the failures of Democratic leadership as we are, get off the sidelines. Get out on Aug. 9 and make your voice heard by supporting our endorsed Republican candidates, and make sure to vote for those people again against their Democratic opponents on Nov. 8.

There’s a lot on the line in this election. America, Minnesota and truly our community sit at the crossroads of a path to start putting ourselves back on the track to prosperity, or continue down a road of failure and hardship.

There will be many opportunities to support our endorsed Republican candidates this summer, including in parades, the Freeborn County Fair, our annual picnic and so much more! We have incredible candidates on the ballot who are working hard each and every day to earn your support, and they need your help to get their message out. This is not the year to sit back, complain and not do anything about it. This is the year to get out, vote and bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and everyone you know out to vote. Elections have consequences, and the people we elect will have a lot of big decisions to make that will affect every single Minnesotan. It’s important to vote, and every vote matters. With our endorsed slate of Republican candidates, we can elect hardworking Republicans to represent us in both St. Paul and D.C., who truly have our values in mind and will never stop being a workhorse for everything we stand for.

Aaron Farris is the vice chairman of the Freeborn County Republican Party and chairman of the Minnesota 1st Congressional District Republican Party.