Spraying for mosquito control starts Wednesday in Albert Lea

Published 9:24 am Friday, June 24, 2022

For public health and enjoyment, weekly spraying for mosquito control will start at dusk Wednesday in Albert Lea. Mosquito Control of Iowa will provide the spraying service, as contracted by the city of Albert Lea.

In case of rainy or windy weather, Thursdays will be the backup days, for the remainder of the summer, according to a press release.

The company uses a product called Evoluer 4-4, which includes permethrin, a pesticide that is safe, yet effective against mosquitoes and gnats. This product has quick knockdown, low odor and is noncorrosive. This product is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

For more information about the spraying service, call Mosquito Control of Iowa at 712-848-3295 or visit its website at http://mosquitocontrolofiowa.net. The website includes frequently asked questions about mosquitoes and control strategies, including links to studies that show mosquito control does not harm bees.

To be removed from the spray area, property owners should contact Ryan Hajek, city of Albert Lea assistant public works director, at 507-377-4377 or rhajek@ci.albertlea.mn.us.

In addition to spraying, the city encourages residents to help control mosquitoes by taking these steps:

Eliminate outdoor trash, tires and containers that may hold water creating a breeding site for mosquitoes.

Maintain rain gutters and down spouts. Make sure no water remains in them after a rain.

Empty and clean bird baths weekly.

Store pails barrels, tubs, boats, wheel barrows and other items upside down to also avoid water collection.

Keep shrubs, lawns and weeds trimmed to eliminate harborage areas.