Fair food review: French fries, corn dogs and lemonade — what more could you want?

Published 12:04 pm Friday, August 5, 2022

By Marissa Hanson

Fresh Fries sells three things: fries, pronto pups and lemonade. 

The fries come in four different sizes: small, 16 ounces, $8; large, 32 ounces, $10; bucket, 64 ounces, $16; and barrel, 83 ounces, $20. 

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The lemonade comes in both strawberry and regular and in two sizes: a souvenir cup which is $8 and a 64-ounce tanker which is $20. 

The pronto pups are $6 each. 

Fresh Fries has two stands at the fair, one by the Grandstand that sells all three things and one closer to the Fairlane Building that only sells fries and lemonade. 

The fries were perfectly browned and honestly my favorite we had. 

The pronto pups had amazing breading and the meat inside had a great flavor. While I’m still not quite sure what the difference between them and corn dogs is, I definitely really enjoyed them. The lemonade was refreshing and sweet with a little tang.