Paid political letter: Dornink is committed to building, not tearing down

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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We are living in critical times. In these times, we need trusted, proven leaders. We need honorable leaders who will do what is right, who possess the proper skills and temperament to work together to accomplish good things. Our nation is greatly divided; those divisions affect even our smaller outstate Minnesota communities. On Aug. 9, the voters of District 23 will have the opportunity to vote in the primary election. I wish to remind you that elections have consequences. I cast my vote for Sen. Gene Dornink.

Sen. Dornink is a proven and trusted leader. He has a winning track record already. He works hard on our behalf at the state Capitol and will continue to do so. Gene’s values, morals and work ethic resonate with mine. Both his life’s work and public service are to be commended. Gene has received a 100% voting score from Minnesota’s most respected pro-life organization, MCCL. Gene is the proven champion for our Second Amendment rights. He is well respected and endorsed by law enforcement, the leading gun rights advocacy organization and the reputable Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. He voted to eliminate the Minnesota Social Security tax so that our seniors could retain more of their hard-earned money. These are tough financial times for our seniors, and Gene fights hard for our senior citizens.

Sen. Dornink is a law-abiding citizen and works diligently to actively support law enforcement personnel as well as first responders. He fought for additional funding for law enforcement in times when many have sought to defund law enforcement and degarde the safety of our communities. Never once has he defied, torn down, sought to embarass or destroy the work or reputations of our much-appreciated law enforcement personnel. Gene exemplifies honor for our legal and court systems as well as our judges by conducting himself with maturity, humility and stately behavior. He does not seek to destroy people through constant barrages of inflammatory allegations of corruption and deceit.

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Sen. Dornink is a builder by profession. As such, he is committed to building, not tearing down. He understands that sometimes demolition is part of the process, but never the end result. As a builder, he understands that some situations may require some demolition, and some require simple TLC. I appreciate that knowledge and temperament possessed by Sen. Dornink. I have known Sen. Dornink for several years. When I am in his presence, I feel safe. I believe he is a great and empathetic listener, and will put forth his efforts to do what is best for we, the people, not to further his own personal agendas. He is humble, approachable, honest, transparent and holds himself accountable to we, the people. Gene has earned my confidence and vote. I hope you will see past the dirty political schemes being waged against this good man, and join me in voting for Sen. Gene Dornink on Aug. 9.

George Marin

Albert Lea