Twisted metal: Demolition derby brings more fun to the fair

Published 11:13 am Monday, August 8, 2022

Photos by Amanda Nelson

The Freeborn County Fair came to a close Sunday after the demolition derby. People of all ages participated in various categories.

Here are the results:

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Old Iron/’80s

1st: Mike Gaines

2nd: Ezra Klinger

3: Cody Gaines

4: Shawn Ellingson

Hardest-Hitter: Mike Gaines


Youth ’80s

1st: Abby Salmon

Callen Baas

Hardest-Hitter: Abby Salmon

Stock Minis

1st: Lilly Baas

2nd: Ellie Senholtz

3rd: Mike Kohn

4th: Aaron Senholtz

5th: Brandon Roe

Hardest-Hitter: Mike Kohn

FWD Minis

1st: Michael Polinder

2nd: Brandon Roe

3rd: Ashton Besco

4th: Dustin Olson

5th: Chad Roche

Hardest-Hitter: Dustin Olson


1st: Cody Darcy

2nd: Corey Petersen

3rd: Cody Gaines

4th: Dylan Jenson

5th: Dakota Mancilman

Hardest-Hitter: Corey Petersen