Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:50 pm Friday, September 2, 2022

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To people who leave furniture and other items outside of the Disabled American Veterans bins near Walmart.

Anyone who has been near Walmart this summer is sure to have noticed the abundance of items left behind outside the Disabled American Veterans bins in one corner of the parking lot. 

The bins are intended to collect small items such as clothes and shoes and ultimately support veterans in Minnesota.

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The DAV works with Savers stores in Minnesota to provide them with usable personal clothing and small houseware items, and then in turn, the DAV is given a check for the pounds of goods supplied.The funds raised are used to help veterans and families in Freeborn County.

The organization has clearly labeled on the outside of each donation box about how to use the bins and what the acceptable donations are in them. Just as clearly, it also states that people should not leave donations outside the containers.

Despite the precise directions, however, some still feel the need to leave behind more than what will fit in the boxes. 

When items are left outside, they are exposed to the weather and animals and are essentially left ruined. 

We remind everyone that the Disabled American Veterans has to take money that it could be using to help people in our community and instead use some of the money to dispose of the trashed items. 

Please be responsible and dispose of any items that don’t fit in the boxes appropriately or look for another organization that is open that can take the good-quality items.

To several reported fights amongst youth in the city this week.

Albert Lea police have responded to several fights amongst youth in the city this week at places including the high school, the middle school, the North Broadway parking lot and even in a neighborhood after youth got off the school bus. 

While we’re used to seeing fights occasionally pop up on the police logs, we have been surprised to see so many in the last week alone. 

Though we are not sure what is at the heart of each of these fights, it is disheartening to see. 

We hope the week is not an indication of how the rest of the school year will go. 

We remind youth that violence is never the answer, and we encourage parents if they haven’t already done so to talk to your children about other ways to handle conflict and disagreements. 

To the program training new truck drivers at Riverland Community College in Albert Lea.

We are proud Riverland Community College has a program in Albert Lea to train the next generation of truck drivers in the area, especially at a time when the trucking industry is short thousands of drivers. 

The 16-week program moved to Albert Lea when the campus was renovated in 2020 and draws in students from an about 100-mile radius, including south of the metro, into northern Iowa, as far northwest as New Ulm and east of Caledonia. 

Truck drivers are essential — not only to our nation but on an international scale, transporting goods from manufacturers to retail stores and other facilities. They help keep the economic supply chain moving. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 there were 50,000 truck drivers needed to meet the shipping demands across the country. 

We thank those from the area who have stepped up to join this often thankless job. Thank you for your service, and we wish you safety in your travels.