Paid political letter to the editor: Schindler is a good listener

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

Gary Schindler is very respectful of other people and is a good listener, which I think are the most important qualifications for a school board member. I worked with Gary for several years at Riverland and have served with him on the board of Albert Lea Lions Club. I have always been impressed with his sincere respect for all and his thoughtful listening to others and their point of view.  

His very significant experience in all aspects of education will be a very important asset to the school board. And he has shown great dedication to public service in other important areas such as the Historical Society.  

There are others who are running for school board that I also like and respect. We get to vote for four people, and we have some good choices. But among those, Gary Schindler will for sure be included when I cast my votes for school board.

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Neil Opstad

Albert Lea