Editorial: Rich Murray will excel as Albert Lea’s mayor

Published 8:51 pm Friday, October 28, 2022

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We don’t write political endorsements much these days, but there’s one race we think is always critical for Albert Lea. That is the race for mayor. 

A mayor on many fronts is the face of the community — a person asked to speak at events, lead City Council meetings, speak to the media and in many ways set the tone for the direction of the city. 

The mayor should be a person always cheering on the community — its residents and businesses — and promoting the city wherever they may go. 

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This year there are two men vying for the seat: Current Ward 1 Councilor Rich Murray and opponent Ryan McCamish. While both have good intentions in their run for office and want to see the community grow, it’s the dedication and enthusiasm of Murray that shines bright. 

Finishing up six years on the council, Murray knows how government works and has shown in his time on the council that he is financially conservative, thoughtful in his decisions and willing to fight for constituents. 

Each year on the council, he has watched the city budget carefully and is part of the now organized committee set up to review it in-depth, looking at how money is spent in each department and if efficiencies can be made. He is often the first to question increases in prices.

A respected business owner himself, he has been a voice for businesses. He has gone out of his way to meet with other business owners in the community alongside Albert Lea Economic Development Agency Executive Director Phillip Johnson to thank them for doing business in the community and to ask if there are any obstacles in their way that may be hindering growth. 

In addition to fighting for businesses, he has been a voice for residents. Not only is he approachable, but he also is often seen going out of his way to engage people in conversation at community events and before and after council meetings. He is always respectful and offers a listening ear when needed. 

We encourage voters in the city to throw their support behind Murray, who has proven as a councilor that he will be an advocate for you and for our fine city as mayor. 

He is running on bringing growth to the community, and we believe that will happen under his leadership. 

We thank McCamish for wanting to be involved in bettering the community, and we encourage him to continue to seek out ways where he can play a part. All ideas are needed at the table, and we look forward to seeing more of him in other efforts.