My Point of View: Top 10 reasons to vote Republican on Nov. 8

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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My Point of View by Brad Kramer

1. Republicans back our community’s law enforcement, veterans and emergency responders. Never again can we elect leaders who stand back and allow our neighborhoods to burn or who prosecute small business owners while simultaneously allowing violent criminals to go free. Upstanding citizens deserve to be safe and protected.

Brad Kramer

2. Republicans know that when we build a strong economy, everyone wins! Are you excited to see the price of your heating bill this winter? Are you tired of Biden’s record inflation? We are ready to send Republicans to office who will bring us back to the most booming economy we had in years, again!

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3. Many free-market innovators are pursuing advances that will reduce pollution far more effectively than government regulations. Overly aggressive and unworkable climate change initiatives hurt everyone. When politicians create regulations that interrupt fuels, like policies giving us $4 gas and Walz yoking us to California’s ban on new gasoline/diesel vehicles by 2035, if industry doesn’t fix the problems with electric vehicles and the electric grid by 2035, we’re all in for a rude awakening. 

4. We believe in you and want to empower you! We want you to thrive rather than be dependent on the government for basic survival. Rather than focus on identity politics and other superficial points that are used to divide people, we prefer to focus on what deeply unites us. We strive to create opportunity for you, our children, and our communities! The identity politics used by Democrats only causes division and an ever-increasing list of victim statuses. 

5. Republicans understand that government exists to serve the people and should be limited. “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have” as Barry Goldwater said. Government has gotten so huge that it now seeks to serve itself and typically wastes your hard-earned money.

6. We stand behind the free market capitalism (not crony capitalism!), the system that has built more prosperity and progress for humanity than any other economic system. We didn’t fall for Marxism. Democrats tell you failed socialist or communist countries that killed millions of people weren’t “real” Marxism. Economic systems operate under universal laws which do not bend. Marxism has never, nor will it ever, work in practice. 

7. Remember COVID? We remember the seniors who were isolated and forced to live out their final days alone, without the companionship of loved ones. We remember how Governor Walz shut down our economy and decreed it illegal to gather for holidays, funerals and church services while his friend’s businesses and big-box stores remained open. We remember the students who were forced out of school, leading to unprecedented learning loss and developmental delays. We remember doctors and scientists being silenced because they questioned narratives that later proved to be faulty. We remember how early treatment options for COVID were suppressed, resulting in untold numbers of needless deaths.  We remember the many workers who were fired for refusing forced vaccination. And we remember the Democrats cheering on these destructive policies. These are things we will never forget. 

8. The Republican Party respects religious beliefs and recognizes that the separation of church and state exists to protect us from having a government mandated religion, not to ban people with religious beliefs from participating in government. The increasing hostility from members of the local Democratic Party against those with religious faith, particularly Christians, is alarming and needs to end.

9. Education is about teaching young people skills they need to succeed in life, not indoctrination. Our educational system exists to prepare children to become adults who contribute to society and gain skills to be successful, not become sensitive to trigger words or needing safe spaces to function. 

10. We are the party of American values. Republicans believe in your Constitutional rights and acknowledge that with rights comes responsibilities. When you tie together our belief in self-empowerment, education that builds life skills rather than attitudes of entitlement, free market capitalism and the other qualities that define us as conservatives or liberty-minded liberals (yes, many moderate liberals have been joining the Republican Party because the Democratic Party no longer represent moderates!), you see the history of our nation — the most prosperous and free society in the history of the world! 

If these ideals sound good to you, we’d love to have you join us! Visit our office at 212 S. Broadway in Albert Lea to learn more about our stellar candidates:

U.S. Rep. Brad Finstad 

State Reps. Peggy Bennet and Patricia Mueller

State Sen. Gene Dornink

Gov. and Lt. Gov. Dr. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk

Attorney General Jim Shultz

Secretary of State Kim Crocket

Auditor Ryan Wilson

This team is ready to fight for you! 

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County GOP Party.