Paid political letter: 10 reasons not to vote Democrat  

Published 8:30 pm Friday, October 21, 2022

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Democrats portray themselves as champions of the poor and the working class.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Carefully consider the following DFL policies before voting.  

Socialism: The DFL is committed to transforming America into a Socialist society; only the “elite” prosper in a Socialist society. 

Open borders: Democrats support open borders. The influx of millions of illegal immigrants is having a devastating impact on local communities. Unskilled American citizens will find jobs harder to find and pay less as illegals will work for less than prevailing wages. Most illegals work for cash; therefore, taxes will not be collected and Social Security payments will not be made.  

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I have read articles quoting DFL leaders who believe these individuals, who are  in reality invading our country, should be eligible for free education, welfare,  Medicaid, Social Security and the right to vote. 

Crime: Democrats are soft on crime. The current crime wave and riots of past summers that devastated many of our larger cities can be laid directly on the DFL’s doorstep. Over a hundred thousand die from drug overdoses annually. Yet, drugs continue to flow unabated across the southern border. Democrats are now  portraying criminals as victims.  

Racism: Racism will never be fully eradicated! However, prior to Obama’s election, America was well on the way to healing the injustices of the past. Democrats are now fanning the flames of racism. As a result America is more racist now than anytime in the past 40 years. The Democrats’ goal is to divide and conquer America.  

Energy: The DFL is committed to the false god of renewable energy. Clean energy is a misnomer; there is no such thing. The cost to convert to  renewables is prohibitive and currently are not dependable sources of energy. The middle class and poor, especially in the third world countries will suffer the most. 

Inflation: The DFL’s war on fossil fuels is the prime driver of inflation. The cost of fuel, fertilizer and chemicals needed to grow crops is soaring. Therefore, cost of food will continue to escalate. Americans will go hungry! The poorest around the world may starve. Inflation will impact every facet of our lives. Wages  never keep pace with inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax on the poor.  

Education: For over 40 years the DFL, led by the teachers unions, have  been dumbing down education. America is no longer competitive academically. Educating our youth is no longer the goal, Socialist indoctrination takes  precedence. Government officials are proposing charging parents who question  school board priorities as “domestic terrorists.” 

Abortion: Liberal women claim they want control of their bodies. The solution is  simple, stop having unprotected sex. In the case of rape the morning after pill is effective if taken within 24 hours.  

Christianity: Democrats have been waging war on Christianity for decades. Yet many denominations continue to support Democrat policies.  

Woman’s sports: The DFL supports transgender males participating in women’s sports! Do you?  

I could continue, but I have reached my 500 word limit. 

Don Sorensen 

Albert Lea