Paid political letter: Jane Kepple Johnson for school board

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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She always wants the best for you. And when you struggle, she is there for you. This remarkable woman is my friend, Jane Kepple Johnson. Those traits convey why she is the school board member we need now more than ever.

Here are more reasons:

If you want a school board member who can help students reach their potential, Jane Johnson possesses the passion for making it happen.

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As a retired teacher, Jane knows education and will make a positive difference for every school, teacher and student in District 241.

Jane is a proven collaborator who will listen to everyone’s viewpoint and will do the right thing for the students.

Jane knows the importance of providing opportunities for your child and will open more doors for all students.

Jane has devoted her career to education, has a long history of service to our community and cares about your child getting the education they deserve. 

Please cast your vote for Jane Kepple Johnson for school board.

Martha Jones Sichko

Albert Lea