Paid political letter: Sheriff Freitag supports Detective Ryan Shea for sheriff

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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I’ve had a professional relationship with both sheriff candidates for at least a couple of decades — even longer with Jeff Strom. Over all those years, I’ve gotten to know both of them very well. I don’t need to have a conversation with either one to know who has the qualities to be an effective sheriff for us.

For many reasons, I would like to see Detective Ryan Shea as our next Freeborn County sheriff. Detective Shea knows the personnel, policies and procedures of the sheriff’s office, and he understands why it’s important to have policies and procedures. He values training and uses his training and experience to bring about the best, safest outcome on whatever he’s working on — especially dangerous situations.

Detective Shea has had years of actual leadership with the patrol staff prior to being promoted to his current position as detective. He’s investigated countless felonies, including two homicides, and all with a very successful prosecution rate. When I started the drone program, I gave it to Detective Shea, who learned the legalities and FAA certifications needed to employ a law enforcement drone in many different situations. We were one of the first sheriff’s office’s in outstate Minnesota to put the program together and other agencies called him for startup advice for their own program.

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The Sheriff’s Office is more than just patrol and traffic stops. We have a jail, dispatch center, records section, court security/transport section, civil process and emergency management. Detective Shea has been with the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years, and he understands how each of these sections operates. He’s an analytical person and he’s a problem solver. Couple his leadership and years’ worth of knowledge of the office, and we have a winning ticket.

Detective Shea is a pillar in his church and has been for many years. He has a healthy off duty lifestyle with many interests and friends outside of law enforcement, especially with his family.

Lastly, and very important to many of us, Detective Shea is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He wholeheartedly supports your right to possess and carry a firearm.

I have full trust in Detective Shea to take the reigns of the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office in January 2023 and provide effective law enforcement for our citizens.

Please vote for Ryan Shea on Nov. 8 to be our next Freeborn County sheriff!

Kurt Freitag

Freeborn County sheriff