Paid political letter: Vote for proven leaders who will have our backs

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2022

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As Nov. 8 approaches, we have some very important decisions to make in regards to whom we will entrust as the guardians of “we the people.” There should be no doubt in any normal thinking mind that the direction our country has been heading the last two years has been at best catastrophic! The blame lies at the feet of the Democratic Party who hold the presidency, and control of both the House and the Senate since January of 2021. 

No matter how hard they try, the Democrats and their cohorts in the media cannot fool the American people into thinking they are somehow better off today than they were two years ago. A trip to the gas station or the supermarket are daily reminders that the economy is a disaster and now in recession. Inflation is at a 40-year high with no end in sight. Biden’s shameless attempt to prop up his fledgling party by draining our strategic oil reserves to dangerously low levels, is politics at its worst. Add to that, his plan to buy votes by forgiving student debt at taxpayer expense!

How does all of this occur in a matter of two short years? The answer is the political philosophy of a Democratic Party that has gone off the rails. A full-throated attack on law and order, off the chart rise in crime, wokeism run amuck in our schools, a wide open southern border inundated with dangerous drugs and sex trafficking. The constant attacks on life, law enforcement, religious freedom and the traditional family. Don’t forget the coercive measures employed by these power hungry elitists during the pandemic which have proven to be a total failure. 

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We are at a precipice in America, but we can begin to right the ship on Nov. 8 by exercising our God-given right to vote! If you are OK with what has happened to our great nation in the last two years, then by all means, go vote for the Democrats. However, if you want to halt the insanity, join me in voting for Dr. Scott Jensen for governor, Brad Finstad for Congress, Peggy Bennett for House District 23A and Gene Dornick for Senate District 23. These are proven leaders who will have our backs as Minnesotans. These are leaders who trust the people and believe deeply in the values that made America great! 

Scott Bute