Paid political letter: Vote for school board even more important this year

Published 8:30 pm Friday, October 28, 2022

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What kind of person do we want to sit on our Albert Lea school board? With so much attention nationwide about the changing complexion of school boards, this year’s vote is even more important now than in the past. Even though it is easy to assume those running for the board are looking at the best interest in their children, I sometimes think children get lost in agendas not appropriate for this kind of board.

Personally I feel a school board member should be chosen by the fact that they themselves went to public school and have or had children who went through public school. This person needs to be able to weigh information in an objective manner before making decisions that can create major changes in children’s futures. This person needs to be able to listen and hear what teachers, parents and administrators are saying to them. And then use factual knowledge to make decisions. This person needs to like schools, understand the work put into creating a learning environment, recognize the importance of good mental health for students and teachers and be ready to learn new things themselves.

We have a person running for the school board who fits all of the above and more.

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Her name is Jane Kepple Johnson.

Thoughtful, concerned, informed.

Jane Hofkamp

Albert Lea