Paid political letter: Wolters is on the front lines as parent in district

Published 8:30 pm Friday, October 28, 2022

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Who knows their child and what is best for them better than a parent? On Nov. 8, we will have the chance to answer this important question by voting for Kasey Wolters. As a parent of an elementary student, she is invested for the long run, and will be dedicated and passionate about the important issues of our children. She will be willing to plug in, listen and work hard. 

She is active in volunteering at school activities and events, coaching, and has regularly been attending school board meetings for over a year. 

She will work to collaborate with teachers, knowing it is important to have a positive and open culture to maintain good teachers, and to attract new ones to our district. 

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 Our children have endured many challenges the last couple of years with the pandemic. They now face increased academic, social and mental health challenges. No one is closer to the front lines of these issues than a parent with a child currently in school. 

Sometimes it is easy to vote for the incumbents, or vote according to name recognition, but it has never been more important to know where each candidate stands on the issues.  

It is time to have a parent’s voice to be represented at the board table. 

Please vote for Kasey Wolters.

Danielle Boss

Albert Lea