Updates from Upperclassmen: High school’s Fall Festival brings fun

Published 8:00 pm Friday, October 28, 2022

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Updates from Upperclassmen by Morgan Luhring and Jaira Maligaya

COVID has impacted everyone, but it has had a very deep effect on students, especially those who had to experience it within high school. Every student dreams about having a great high school experience with all the fun school activities, sporting events and just going to school everyday. But we fell short of that for a couple years, and we are still not fully away from it yet. That is why this fall, the seniors and student council members are trying their best to make this year great and hopefully keep it great for many years to come. They are including more fun activities and trying to get more kids involved with having school spirit. The Fall Festival is one of these ways to bring more excitement to the school days, especially because there is a big gap in between Homecoming and winter break.

Morgani Luhring

The Fall Festival is a week-long festival from Oct. 24 through the 28. There are dress-up days where students and teachers can participate. Tuesday was pajama day, Wednesday was twin day; we wore flannel Thursday and costumes on Friday. Dressing up hopefully made every student’s day a little brighter and brought in more fun for the students who were willing to participate.

Jaira Maligaya

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Following dress-up days, on Friday there was a movie night on Gustafson Field, which also included a pie-eating contest, clubs participating, pumpkin carving and a costume contest. This was a fun event for students to participate in and gave us a chance to show more school spirit. It was a good way for students to make new friends, participate in activities and just have a good time. 

Activities like these will bring enjoyment for our school and make the best high school experience. It is also a good way to put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone and make the best time with your friends before your high school days are over! Just because we’re in high school doesn’t mean we can’t act like kids! Thank you to our community, businesses who donated, Mr. Durbahn and Mr. Dibble, and all of our school for supporting this event! In helping us put together this week of fun and celebration, you not only supported the students of today to grow their community, but paved the way for students of the future to do the same.

Morgan Luhring and Jaira Maligaya are seniors at Albert Lea High School.