A-C students to present ‘An Inconvenient Corpse’

Published 6:01 pm Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Students at Alden-Conger will present “An Inconvenient Corpse” at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Pat Cook’s comedy tells the story of a luncheon by ladies from the deep South in which their guest of honor drops dead after eating pasta salad. Unable to decide what to do, the ladies try to keep him out of sight from their unexpected guests. The show has a lot of physical humor, which is sure to please a crowd. The play is directed by Ada Theusch and Tara Roberts.

Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students and seniors. 

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Kaitlin, high school head cheerleader: Veronika Nielsen

Molly, another cheerleader. Danni Betts

Frieda, a third cheerleader: Chaya Sorenson

Dexter, short trombone player: Carter Lee

Mac, grouchy night watchman: Kaiden Jenson

Dolly Manfred, quick-thinking president of the Ladies Club: Emmie Jacobs

June Hildebrand, club member, not too bright, 40ish: Timber Steele

Luann Sommers, absent-minded club secretary, 40ish: Zoe Michaud

Myrna Fontaine, pompous club member, late 50s: Hailey Bjornstad

Gert Hoppelmeyer, club member, wannabe detective, 45: Maggie Evans

Alvin Carnes, loud-mouth newspaper editor, 40: Jackson Frank

Mayor Hightower, typical southern politician, 55: Luke Gooden

Nelda, gloomy town soothsayer: Isabel Sutter

Darryl Burdett, pushy lounge lizard type: Teagan Lutteke

Mimi Monroe, dumb blonde with a secret: Kate Greenfield

Sheriff Dan, small town police chief: Charlotte Sutter

Mirium, over-emotional Home Ec teacher: Becca Ahnemann

Doc Poindexter, country doctor with all the answers, 60: Lexi Guenther

Nelda’s mob, follows Nelda proclaiming gloom and doom: Cael Boldt, Alexis Guenther, Isabella Guenther, Aubrie Jacobs,  Nathan Johnson, Chayce Lutteke, Charlotte Sutter



Stage, set: Lorna Beatver, Dakota Betts, Ava Diekmann

Set: Hailey Bjornstad, Sam Clapero, Maura McParland

Stage: Kyra Bjornstad, Irene Cordioli, Laiken Farris

Tech: Abbi Renaux, Ayssa Samudio, Griffin Steele

Student Directors: Kate Greenfield, Isabel Sutter, Ava Diekmann