Paid political letter: Hinnenkamp will give smart leadership on senior issues

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Mary Hinnenkamp is the candidate for Minnesota House 23A who will best represent the interests of seniors in our district.

In May, Peggy Bennett voted against the House compromise tax bill (HF 3669) that included elimination of Social Security taxes. This was a Republican priority that the DFL majority in the House compromised on, but it didn’t include enough tax breaks for wealthy people to win Bennett’s approval.

Mary Hinnenkamp understands that increasing property taxes is a bigger burden for most seniors living in their own homes than income taxes are. At the forum sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Bennett treated them like they’re the same thing.

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They are not the same thing — property taxes are regressive, and income taxes are progressive. Property taxes are based on the valuation of a home, not income levels. For seniors on a fixed income, it is a bigger burden to them when property taxes go up. Rep. Bennett doesn’t seem to understand this consequential distinction.

Please vote for Mary Hinnenkamp for smart leadership on senior issues. Seniors can count on Mary.

Vergie Asper

Albert Lea