Paid political letter: Tom Stiehm supports rights for all people

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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In a recent piece aired on KAAL, Rep. Patricia Mueller talked about how she believes in protecting rights. However, her behavior doesn’t demonstrate that she believes in protecting the rights of everyone. She says she believes in freedom of religion; however, her behavior demonstrates that she will work for religious freedoms for Christians over those of other religions. She introduced legislation that would limit the participation of LGBTQIA people in school sports. Mueller doesn’t support a women’s right to make her own medical decisions. She also doesn’t support workers’ rights. Mueller previously worked for Austin High School, where employees are unionized. Mueller opted out of paying union dues. She is happy to benefit from the work of the unions, but she doesn’t pay for or otherwise support collective bargaining. She doesn’t even support public education. Mueller voted no on providing $4.5 million for Austin Public Schools, a school district that is one of the lowest funded per student in the state.

Tom Stiehm believes in true religious freedom for all religions. He supports a woman’s right to choose, collective bargaining and LGBTQIA rights. Tom also won’t vote to undermine funding for our schools. Tom Stiehm supports rights for all, not just the rights he agrees with based on his religion. I encourage you to vote for Tom Stiehm on Nov. 8.

Catherine Haslag

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