Paid political letter: What does Bennett mean by going back to the basics?

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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As a special education teacher, parent of a high schooler and former school board member, I am concerned by Peggy Bennett’s advertisement in the Albert Lea Tribune. She states that “Education needs to go back to basics… We need to get back to the basics of math, literacy, basic science and history!” 

This leaves out subjects, courses and services that are important to our students and offered in many districts, including Albert Lea Area Schools. 

This list leaves out subjects that keep students active and provide a creative outlet: Art, music, physical education, computer and technology classes.

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The list leaves out services that many students with disabilities require: occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy and adapted physical education.

It leaves out much needed mental health services. 

It leaves out courses for students wanting to learn skills for independent living and  entering the workforce: Family and Consumer Science, Woodworking, Electrical, Engineering, Agriculture, Business and Personal Finance. Nursing Assistant, Child Development, Machining and Manufacturing, Small Engines, Residential Electricity and Apprenticeship Programs.

It leaves out the Advanced Placement, College in the Schools classes and Post Secondary Enrollment Classes. These classes not only prepare students for college, but students can earn college credits.

I am left wondering if Ms. Bennett wishes to do away with all of these important classes and services in the schools. If not, what does she mean by going back to the basics?

Angie Hanson

Albert Lea