Paid political letter: Great re-election campaigns by our local incumbents

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Congressman Brad Finstad, Sen. Gene Dornink and Rep. Peggy Bennett ran great campaigns for their re-elections that they and our local community can all be very proud of. Finstad, Dornink and Bennett have each earned our votes as elected officials already, serve us well, ran very positive campaigns and deserve their re-elections. The local DFL called our current elected officials a “death cult” in their Albert Lea Tribune column and slimy campaigns were wasted against each of our elected officials for their re-elections while they each only responded maturely. Brad Finstad, Gene Dornink and Peggy Bennett are each class acts and reflect our southern Minnesota communities’ values well. They have earned their re-elections.


Robert Hoffman

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Albert Lea